Our New Clyde Club


The Clyde Club

Big Mug, Lots of Benefits

Our Members-Only Cider-lover Program

Sly Clyde is now enrolling members in its Clyde Club, an annual loyalty program for people who love hard cider - local, coastal, and craftily crushed in Virginia.


  • Clyde Club exclusive, and individually engraved and numbered 17.5oz Cider Mug. We will keep it clean and ready at the tasting room for only you to use whenever you visit.
  • When you do visit, Sly Clyde Cider fills in your mug will cost the same as a pint! That’s like a free pint with every dozen! Never have you looked so good saving so much.
  • Clyde Club members get discounts
    • 10% off all cans and bottles you buy at the Tasting Room (for takeaway only)
    • 10% off growler fills
    • 10% off merchandise
  • Members will get a sneak preview of all new ciders on draft before they are sold to the public. It’s almost like you are part of our R&D team.
  • Sly Clyde T-shirt
  • Clyde Club members get a coupon for TWO $1 ciders on their birthday
  • Clyde Club event invitations
    • Join now and get a ticket to the Preview event the night before our grand opening
    • Clyde Club parties featuring exclusive ciders, releases, etc.

Sign-ups are open on a first-come, first-serve basis in anticipation of our grand opening. Please note, we expect to subscribe all 100 members very quickly.

Email doug@slyclyde.com to put down your $125, guaranteeing your first year of membership.


  • Clyde Club members will be given 2 months notice before the end of the subscription-year to renew their membership. If they decline, their spot will be open to the next person on the waiting list. Our first membership class begins August 15, 2018 and will run until August 30, 2019.

  • Membership is non-transferable. Unless specifically stated, the benefits cannot be transferred to any other individual.

  • Clyde Club glassware must remain at the cider house during the term of your membership. We just can't stand the idea of another cider in these fancy mugs!

  • The fine print: Sly Clyde Ciderworks reserves the right to change the terms and benefits of the Clyde Club at any time, and we reserve the right to revoke membership and benefits, without refund, either due to refusal to observe company policies or Virginia ABC laws and regulations. But you expected that, right?